"It's beautiful 'cause we designed it"

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game development

We use our own technology to develop immersive games adapted for each different market, always putting the player feeling as our first priority.

graphics & 3D modelling

"A picture is worth a thousand words". The visual component of our games are our first selling point, so we bet on a talented team of graphical designers, which knowing our markets and game after game improve their technique and develop astonishing graphics.

game mechanics

A huge key of our success is our own programming language, highly efficient and easy to learn. However everything from compiler, parsers for other programming languages, IDEs' plugins, etc, must be developed, and maintained in a daily basis. Also we develop communication protocols between hardware and software, amongst much other things.

game hardware

We are an end-to-end company and with that in mind, besides all the software, we also develop hardware, in particular game hardware. When designing new hardware we focus not only on performance, but also in quality/cost ratio, security, maintenance and most of all reliability.

web services & applications

We develop our own web solutions to increase company productivity, increasing the value of our final products and constantly improving speed of production. We decide which technologies to use according to each project and it's requirements. We value people with knowledge in REST, Laravel, NodeJS, Javascript, PHP and MVC.

sound design

As good as a game character or game design could be, is highly important to keep the player interested and not bored, so our animation team produce amazing "eye-catch" animations using several techniques and software.

Because "custom" is the way to go

LudusCristaltec is focused in developing games and technology for the Gaming industry.

Our mission is to create amazing and unique products customized for each market segment.
Ranging from hardware to games and technology, we offer a complete solution to our partners tailored to their specific needs.

We design every part of our products from hardware to the games, having great control and flexibility over all the key components.

We truly believe that a company is only as extraordinary as its People and we are fortunate to have great minds and talents that are passionate about what they do.

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